Sorted products

Not just clothing, but any textile-related products imaginable 

The complete sorting process provides 350 to 400 items or products which are available in 3-5 different qualities. 

The textiles processed at Gebotex include not only clothing but any textile-related products imaginable. The sorting process is set up in such a way that, ultimately at least 90% of the delivered products are reused as recycled product or clothing. Our refuse is processed by professional refuse processors who generate CO2-free steam.

Of all the products which can be reused, around 60% is clothing, accessories, footwear or toys. Textiles which cannot be used in its original form is shipped to recycling companies and recycled into cleaning rags or ground into fibres for use in carpet underlays and mattresses. 

Product categories

These types can be set out in the following main categories.

Europe quality
: approx. 9%
Export A: approx. 24%
Export B
: approx. 16%
Rags: approx. 17%
Recycling: approx. 21%
Shoes: approx. 6%
Refuse: approx. 7%